Thought Leadership Marketing

With the rise of social media, a new kind of marketing has emerged to make even small established B2B companies as competitive as international brands. That method is thought leadership marketing, and if you learn how to do it right, your small business can market to clients more efficiently than most Fortune 500 giants.

What is Thought Leadership Content?

Thought leadership content is, simply, smart stuff you talk about on your media platforms to show that you know your field as well as any of your competitors. By regularly publishing thoughtful, intelligent material that has real value for your target audience, you can focus attention on your brand, draw a crowd, build a following and eventually translate your prestige in the industry into new contracts with clients from all over the world.

Content like this can take almost any form. Many B2B companies publish quarterly (or monthly) white papers about some aspect of their industry. These papers keep potential clients well-informed and provide real value to business owners in the industry. Other approaches include keeping a company blog, guest posting at various platforms and extensive social media exposure that gets picked up for its usefulness and relevance.

How Does This Approach Win Clients?

Thought leadership content doesn't directly sell anything. After all, a raw sales pitch is not nearly as valuable to a client as a 500-word think piece about industrial equipment or farm budgets in South America. Instead, this content establishes your reputation as a consultant or marketer who knows the industry your clients work in. That reputation raises your profile and attracts a very narrowly targeted slice of the market to the top of your sales funnel, resulting in much better ROI than less-precise marketing approaches.  

How Can I Do Thought Leadership Marketing?

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