Top 7 Reasons Why LinkedIn is Useful for B2B Marketing

LinkedIn is the largest B2B platform in existence and is, therefore, considered the most important social network for B2B marketers. It contains a wealth of information such as professional profiles, job titles, location, and industries. As a marketer, it presents a unique growth opportunity to reach new customers, conduct research and gain insights. Below are the 7 top reasons why you should use LinkedIn for your B2B marketing.

1. Create Brand Awareness and Reputation

LinkedIn is the perfect platform to showcase your brand. Currently, there are thousands of new business professionals signing up on the network daily, many of them eager to make new contacts. Using the network creatively can help your company tap into the extensive contacts and improve your B2B marketing efforts. Companies that utilize groups, representatives and content in the most appropriate ways increase visibility to potential customers and augment the brand. Key to attaining better awareness and reputation is updating status regularly and delivering appealing content.

2. LinkedIn Groups Provide Highly Targeted Opportunities

The vast majority of LinkedIn users belong to a group. Such groups are communities of professionals with similar interest, which allows you to reach niche groups. Finding the right group to target your marketing is easy provided that you know how to do it. LinkedIn has a search feature at the top where you can type keywords such as ‘cloud computing’ and filtering with the “Groups” option. That way, you can easily find groups that might be interested in various cloud computing activities. You will need to check and see the permission requirements to join an attractive group to target with your B2B marketing.

3. Drive Traffic To Your Website

LinkedIn can be an important source of traffic and leads as well. Driving traffic to your website can improve your sales effort and convert leads. It all begins with appealing content that captures the imagination of potential leads. You want to create content that leaves people wanting to know more about your company. For instance, LinkedIn Pulse allows you to publish content. Moreover, it also incorporates an analytics dashboard that you can use to see the popularity of your posts. Improving traffic is as easy as linking your most popular articles so that viewers can find them easily. What’s more, the site allows you to publish as much as you want thereby creating an opportunity to drive more traffic to your website. When you strategically link your posts to content on your website, it increases traffic to your company website.

4. Access  To Leading Influencers and Business Leaders

Without a doubt, there is no other place where you can find and learn from the world’s leading influencers as easily as you do on LinkedIn. You can improve your reach drastically by finding influencers in your field and sharing their articles on your profile to improve your reputation. Furthermore, when you comment on those key leaders’ content, the chances are that your target market will read those comments as well. Create useful and valuable posts and watch how you increase traffic and raise interest. Your B2B marketing benefits immensely by learning what interests your target market and creating similar posts. There is no better place to leverage key influencers in the B2B world. Use LinkedIn’s advanced search to identify leaders that can augment your business.

5. Lead Generation

There are over 500+ million members on LinkedIn.  If your target audience in on the platform,  you can find leads by using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.   The tool provides companies very advanced and in depth targeting options to generate a consistent pipeline of high quality leads.  If you need to connect to CEO, Director, VP, you are not going to find them on Facebook.  And if you have ever tried Facebook advertising, you know it time consuming, takes a lot of testing to find target audience, require large ad spend, and no guarantee you will generate leads.  A huge benefit with LinkedIn, you can connect directly to key decision makers with NO ad spend.

6. Strong Analytics and Insights

LinkedIn helps you find and discover what your customers are saying, which significantly improves the marketing effort. All products and services solve problems, and that is the primary driver of sales. You can find out from niche groups what some of the most pressing needs concerning your offering are figure out how to relate to your customers. Find out how customers describe their problem and use that information to structure a pitch that resonates well with them. Spend some time figuring out what prospective clients have to say and evolve your strategy.

7. Improves Customer Relationship Experience

LinkedIn is an extensive social customer relationship management tool. Not only does it help you see your potential customers and connect directly to key decision makers who can purchase your products and services, but it help you improve your B2B customer experience.   By gaining a better understanding of prospective customers needs and you customer tailor your message and sales process to better fit a prospective clients needs.  You can integrate LinkedIn with various CRM tools such as Salesforce. When you need to target a particular contact, you can view their LinkedIn information and evaluate how it fits into your overall strategy. LinkedIn also enables integration of your connections into Google Contacts. You can quickly follow your contacts on LinkedIn to extract data on their interests and behavior.

About Andria Younger

Andria Younger is Founder and Chief Content Marketing Strategist at Play Big Content.  She helps B2B companies generate leads and build authority through content marketing and LinkedIn.  Connect with Andria on LinkedIn and Twitter.